bad spirits
Rachael Macarthur - Box of Rain, sugar paper, acrylic paint, clay and glaze (2018)
A valentines night with an exhibition of Rachael Macarthur’s paintings and works.(b.1981, Edinburgh). Free Flirtini with each admission (free).

Rachael Macarthur is an artist interested in the difficulties of translating memory through the difficulties of a painting process. Her practice includes painting, drawing, installation and ceramics.

She studied at the Slade School of Fine Art (MFA) and Northumbria University (MRes). In 2018 she made a garden installation for Sneak Preview, London, a project run by violinist Angharad Davies for artists and musicians to explore and experiment with ideas in an informal setting. Recent group exhibitions include Painted Thought, Pluspace, Arcade Cardiff, Cardiff and Paper, Table, Wall and After, International Exhibition Hall, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan.
Her work has been selected for the publications Spark: poetry and art inspired by the work of Muriel Spark (Blue Diode Press), What She Knew (Papaya Press) and the online magazine Painters’ Table.
'Via intuitive and informal processes of making in the studio I like to play with hierarchies surrounding the status of painting. I believe a painting can be made on anything- paper, cardboard, plaster- which are deemed lo-fi and provisional in manner. The driver, or subject matter, to begin painting (for me) is memory. That is, the inchoate sensory sensations of the situation of looking, of thinking, of dreaming, of living and the probabilities and improbabilities of attempting to articulate these situations and experiences into images.'

Bad Spirits is a collaboration in the home of Dawn Bothwell and Paul Stewart